A mother and son mourn the loss of an experimental aircraft pilot and uncover a mystery surrounding his last flights.

Flying is all 17-year-old BJ knows. He grew up in a close-knit aviation community, in a house a few feet off a runway, and got his pilot's license before could drive.

After his father Ben's tragic death, BJ needs to fly more than ever. He'd always shared the sky with his dad, and now it’s the only place BJ still feels close to him.

But the sky holds pain for BJ’s mother, Sarah. She blames Ben's death on his obsession with flying, and she can’t bare the thought of losing her son, too.BJ is devastated when Sarah orders him to sell Ben’s plane.

​Torn between loyalties, BJ must come to terms with the fact that in order to save his mother, he must sacrifice the one thing that still ties him to his father.Along the way, BJ uncovers a mystery surrounding his father’s last flights. Will this other-worldly discovery tear his family apart, or help them heal the wounds of the past?

​SOLO is an action-packed science-fiction drama set in the exciting world of experimental aviation. To capture the exhilarating experience of soaring in the heavens, the filmmakers used innovative camera techniques, shooting plane to plane, the plane to ground via aircraft-mounted cameras, and the pilot's cockpit POV via a head-mounted camera.

​The makers of SOLO have deep roots in the flying community – their grandparents, fathers, and brothers are all general aviation and experimental pilots who’ve instilled an enormous respect for flying.

​Understanding the importance of accurately representing the mechanics of flying and authentically portraying a pilot’s lifestyle, the filmmakers embedded themselves in a Haller Air Park, a small aviation community in northeast Florida. They enlisted the services of a life-long pilot and experimental aircraft builder to serve as the aviation consultant on SOLO.

SOLO's visually stunning acrobatic scenes are the backdrop for the heartfelt story of a unique community experiencing love and loss, and learning the most important lesson of all: none of us are flying solo.

A short film by lex sadasivan & lisa weseman