SOLO is a passion project made possible only through the generous creative contributions of talent on both sides of the camera, as well as the filmmakers’ family and friends -- our SOLO Angels.

Aaron O'Laughlin
Ben Cooper and Jackie Delamatre
Bob and Carolyn Weseman 
Bob Wooley
Bryan McCullough
Carrie and Brooks Cloud
Chris Smith
Clay Theatre
Dan, Rachel, Brett, Andrew, and Luke Weseman
Dan Gilbert
Dave Dollarhide
David Allen Richardson
Dharma and Leana Sadasivan
Drew Hatch
Dylan Jones
Greg and Rose Novak
Haller Air Park
J/KAM Digital 
James, Jennifer, Garrett, and Ansley Weseman
Jenny Novak
Jeremy Mangrum
Jim and Rhonda Weseman
Jimmy Brunelle and Winnie Chung
John Lopez
Jorge Villalta
Kalia Sadasivan and Donna Carden
Keith Gore
Kurt and Jeri Keller
Liz and Zar Toolan
Marie Garofalo
Matt Downes
Mick and Mangala Goldynia
Peter Victor
Ramesh Sadasivan and Telaga Nadu
Rebecca and Spencer Topp
Renee Baiorunos
Rob, Lori, Adelaide, and Heath Hall
Sandy Konzen
Scooter and Amy Heath
Seth Kertzer
The Dreamland Squadron
Tracy Richardson
Vicki Konzen